Saturday, February 28, 2009

A good poop story...

Everyone loves a good poop story right? Well yesterday I was getting ready to take a shower with my baby, yes it was almost noon, but at least I was getting one in for the day.

Well, cute little Roo started making those tell tell faces that let you know what she is up to. I decided to wait a few minutes so I could change her before we started. This worked and I cleaned her up and set her naked little self on the floor while I got ready to shower. I looked down and there was a nice pile on the floor. LOVELY! I moved her to the other side of the bathroom, cleaned up the mess , and looked over at her only to find another pile! By this time I started laughing picked her up set her in the tub and just hosed her off in there. Turned around and started cleaning up the other pile when I heared her giggling behind me... There she was sitting in another pile just slapping it around with her hands! At least it was in the tub and we just scrubbed everything down the including her and me. The joys of motherhood!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good one Boo...

So we are sitting at the dinner table Nate has just taken Jman to cub scouts.
Boo asks, "Are we going somewhere? No where or yes where?"
Good one Boo!

Happy Valentines Day!

Have I ever told anyone I love holidays? I do. Any reason to celebrate, have a party, decorate my house, buy presents, I'm there! Right in the middle of it. We had a very nice Valentines day. We started with our traditional heart waffles for breakfast. Spent much of the day cleaning and getting ready for Roo's b-day party.

That night we went to the ward Valentines Party and had a great time! Angie and Brent... you guys are serious competitors! You leave me in the dust! Line dancing was fun and Paul, I'll have memories of you forever! Fun day! Glad I got to share it with my family and friends!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank Heavens for the Police!

Constant battle with oldest son..."Put your bike away, put your bike away, it's going to get stolen, put your bike away, I won't buy you another bike if it does, put your bike away..." You get the idea.

Well, when we got home after being gone most of the day bike! He had left it sitting in the carport where it had been for several days and it was no longer there. I felt so bad for Jman. I didn't have to say a word, he knew it was his fault for leaving it out. We searched the neighborhood for it. Then Nate took him to the park and school and looked for it in the pouring rain.

While they were gone I called the police. Not that I thought they would find it, but so it would be on file that it had been stolen.

Anyway, long story short, the fabulous police officer came over asked about the bike, asked if we had serial numbers, (of course we don't have serial numbers I'm not that organized!), got lecture on always keeping serial numbers, talked to someone and said we have it. You just need to come to the police station and identify it!!! I couldn't believe it! He probably said a dozen times, This never happens! This NEVER happens!

I hope Jman learned his lesson, probably not, he says he has, but for today the police are our heroes!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Disclaimer on last post...

It took Jacob's teacher an hour to figure out the problems I didn't understand. I feel much better about my math abilities now!

Fifth Grade Math kicked my...

Holy Cow! Last night I was going over Jman's math homework and realized he didn't understand how to do a big part of his assignment so he had to start over. I sat with him during the entire assignment and it took us an hour and a half! When on earth did 5th grade math get so time consuming! There were so many steps involved in each problem and trying to make a TIRED 10 year old's mind think was a challenge. (The fact that I didn't know exactly what they were looking for on a few questions didn't help.) But after report cards came home I've found that this will now get to be my nightly ritual. Lucky me!

I want my 5th grade math where we learned what a hexagon was and how to do times tables really fast. Good grief!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cheerios, cheerios everywhere!

So, today I'm making lunch a really long drawn out event (frozen burritos) so you know I wasn't distracted for very long. When I went to get the girls imagine my surprise to find cheerios covering the floor of my entire front room! Lunch was ready so we ate first and then I made Boo clean them up by hand. I figured she made the mess she could clean it up. Yes I know vacuuming would have been easier, but where is the lesson in that? When we were done cleaning up I found that the surprise didn't end there... the cheerios went down the stairs, covered the landing, down the other stairs and into the family room! Come on! When do they get to be old enough to know better?

Monday, February 2, 2009


Gotta just love the super bowl! Just when you thought there wasn't going to be a game the Cardinals came back and gave us some excitement! Then there were some GREAT commercials and some not so great commercials... what a wicked world we live in :( But I try to focus on the good when I can, maybe a little justification thrown in because I love a good Super Bowl party. Lots of good eats included.

I have to admit, I am feeling a little guilty now. We invited my brother and his family to come watch the game with us and I thought they would get there before we were out of church. Sooo I pulled my whole family out of church 15 minutes early so we'd be there when they showed up. (Heavens no! It wasn't so we wouldn't miss any of the Super Bowl. I can't believe you'd even think that ;) Anyway, they didn't get there until almost 5:30! So now it REALLY looks like we left just to watch the Super Bowl. But really, it was for family togetherness! I promise!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lazer Tag anyone...

Last night a group of us went to play lazer tag. I have to admit, I was a little bit concerned. The last time I played was over 10 years ago, and I didn't have a great experience then. You had to wear these big helmets and I didn't know what I was doing, and I just kept pretending I was having a good time.

But you know me, I love to play, so I was up for giving it another shot.

Well, seven of us went and we all got to be on the same team. Luckily we signed up to play two games. The first game was fun, but I had no clue what I was doing and ended up I think 12th out of 13 players. I think I fired 43 times and was shot almost that many times.

When we came out we all discussed how we did and set up some very helpful strategies for the next round. IT WAS A BLAST! Everyone of us did much better and it was a ton of fun. I moved up to 5th place I even beat my husband!!! (Well the only reason I beat him is because I fired about 192 times and he fired almost 500 times.)

Anyway, it was so much fun, and we are now planning a time to take our kids and rent the whole place. Lazer tag anyone...