Sunday, June 21, 2009

My bowling prodigy

Saturday I took my three oldest kids bowling while Nate stayed home with Roo. It was nice to be inside during all the rain, and we had a lot of fun.

Why, you may ask, is this worthy of a post on my blog? Because Boo, my THREE year old bowled a 103!!! I couldn't believe it. We did use the bumpers but not the little ball roller. She had two spares and a strike! Yes, I said a strike, and she didn't even use the bumpers to get it.

We were all amazed at how well she did. She beat both her brothers soundly (I won't embarrass them by telling you how much) but it was more than 10 points. Maybe I have a future bowler on my hands, or maybe she just got incredibly lucky. Only time will tell...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Boo's First Swimming Lessons!

Boo just finished her first swimming lessons. I was a little nervous about putting her in them. She is so hot and cold when it comes to the water. One day she loves it and the next she won't put her face in the water or even think about swimming at all. She LOVED it! I've never seen a child smile much while she was in the water. It was fun to watch. She passed and will start level 2 in a couple of weeks.

Some of these aren't the best pictures, but moving child in the water, lots of glare, what can you do. Maybe I should have Brock come and take some pictures for me.

Swimming lessons

Mr. T. did so well in his first session of swimming lessons this year. His teacher told him he had the best breast stroke in his class! He passed to go into level five for his next class. It was fun to see him do so well. There was no complaining about swimming lessons which was nice coming from him.

I love to watch him swim he just floats in the pool. I don't think he could ever drown, because he always just bobs back up to the top. His teacher tried to teach him how to touch the bottom and he said, "Mom I really tried, but I just kept floating back to the top." That's our Mr. T.

Machine Pitch Baseball

Tman has been playing Machine Pitch Baseball this year. For the most part, he has loved it! But, he hates getting ready and swears he doesn't want to play, and he hates it, and why do I have to make him go; you get the idea. Once he gets there he loves it and we all have fun hanging out with neighbors and friends and visiting.

He had a hard time hitting at first, but Nate really worked with him, and the last game he had three hits! I was so proud of him.
Some of the fans watching the game.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Okay, 3rd post in one day, but when it rains it pours right?!

I was playing a game on the floor with Boo, when my neighbor came over and asked if I could help her jump start her car I said sure and headed over. (Side bar, what ever happened to opening your hood and just connecting the cables to the battery GEESH!!!) Ten minutes later we called another neighbor to come show us HOW to put on the cables and we got the car started. When I got home this is what my living room looked like...

Then I told the kids to clean this mess up before they all died while I ran to the bank and to Walmart. I wasn't gone more than an hour and instead of a clean living room I came home to Boo's room looking like this...

I was excited for summer vacation why?????

This is the Place...

We recently went to This is the Place Memorial Park. It was my first time there and I was really impressed with all the things to do and see. It was baby animal days. Cute cute!

Things I learned yesterday...

1. When you know ahead of time you will be late for something, at least 5 things will happen to make you even later.

2. Being in a hurry always makes me forget things. (5 additional trips into the house to gather forgotten items.)

3. Hydroplaning does happen (luckily not to us.)

4. Hydroplaning causes major accidents on the freeway (5 car pile up, one upside down.)

5. Lots of emergency vehicles have to pass to get to major accidents on the freeway.

6. If your child has recently eaten an orange, his puke doesn't smell quite as bad as normal puke.

7. Nothing is on sale when you have to emergency shop for clothes on Sunday at Shopko for a child covered with puke.

8. It is better to shop for clothing not on sale than to have to clean up puke all over the van.

9. Putting the wrong address into your phone will not get you to your desired destination if you follow the directions it gives you.

10. Tempers may get a little heated after too many things go wrong on your way to anything.

11. Spending a good time with family can make up for a lot of things that have gone wrong.