Monday, September 29, 2008

Disneyland for free...

Disneyland is giving away free passes on your birthday!!! You have to go on your b-day, but if you buy a parkhopper pass they will give you other cool things instead! I wish my husbands insurance hadn't wiped out our extra play money. Oh well, maybe we will win the lottery and then we can go.

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Saturday is a special day...

"Saturday is a special day it's the day we get ready for Sunday." Right? Not in our world . Saturday is the day we spend going to soccer games. Mr. T's team plays well, they win every game (but we aren't keeping score are we?) Mr. T is very happy to play defense, because it means less running for him. And of course there is a treat at the end of the game.

Jman's team has struggled this year, until yesterday! They won!!! And Jman scored two goals. He also got to shoot a penalty shot...he decided to psyke sp? the goalie out so he used his bad leg to kick the ball. I tried not to laugh as I explained that on a penalty shot you just give it your best kick. The totally ironic part of that is that he is left footed so he would have psyked the goalie out if he had just kicked normally. Oh well, we are just happy they won.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I did them all, Mom!

I just finished reading my friend Krissi's AWESOME grateful blog and was feeling so good about the day. I decided to make Nate's favorite muffins for breakfast. Good idea right? Well, Boo wanted to help, of course, and so we got started. We had just gotten the eggs out when nature called and I had to take a short break. When I was washing my hands my little angel said through the door,
"I did them all, Mom."
"What?" was my reply.
"I did them all, Mom."
Followed soon there after with her standard reply...
"Sorry, Mom."

Yes that is seven eggs in the bowl. The recipe called for two.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh the joys...

This afternoon I was pleasantly sitting at my computer when I heard, "Jman, you've got to come see this!" Not a good sign. I went to the voice and found my entire bathroom flooded with water, running down the hall and more coming out of the toilet by the second. I wanted to just turn around and hide. Why do I have to be the grown up?

Jman fessed up that he had probably used more t-paper than he should have, and thankfully was willing to help clean up the mess. Gross, gross, gross!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Big The Musical"

Our anniversary has always been something that comes and goes and we always say we'll do something, but then we never do. (Sound familiar to anyone?) Anyway, This year we actually did something! We bought season tickets to Hale Center Theater. It has been awesome we actually go out on a date every 2 to 3 months! Nate likes it so much that every time we go he says we have to do this again next year.

Well, this month it was "Big The Musical" To say the least I was a little disappointed. It just wasn't up to the level we have come to expect there. Oh well, we went out to dinner with Trisha and her husband Jacob and had a nice evening and, I have to say getting out is always a treat for me.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My cute kids.

I now see how this could become completely addicting, I mean just look at these cute kids. ;) I guess I should have put the pictures in when I told about them, but give me time, I'll try and get better at this.


My curly little angel.
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Roo at 6 months

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Mr. T on the first day of 1st grade
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The first day of 5th grade.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Family

Now that I have a few minutes, let me really start now by telling a little about myself and my family.
My oldest son, Jman, is 10 years old. He is very creative, active, and easily distracted. It can take him all day to do a job that should take 10 minutes. But if he wants to, he can accomplish anything. He loves all kinds of sports and is enjoying soccer right now. He likes school, kind of, but hates homework terribly. Yesterday he stayed in from recess to finish his work so he wouldn't have to bring it home. In my world that means you really hate homework.

My next son, Mr. T, is 6 years old. He is terribly bright and breezes through school. When he brought home the first book he was supposed to read, we all had a good laugh because it was so easy. His greatest love is eating. He will put anything in his mouth just for the joy of having it there. After our last big rain he told me he licked his hands after holding worms just to see what it would taste like.

My daughter, Boo, comes next and she is three and thinks she is 16. She is into everything, always. She keeps me on my toes to say the least. Some of my favorites things she has done are; opening 8 yogurts and lining them up across the floor and putting spoons in each of them, or when she hid my mascara in her purse on the way to visit my aunt and when we got there I was pleased to find she had painted her entire face with it, or washing my knifes in the sink, or dumping an entire bag of chocolate chips all over the couch and the entire upstairs. I look forward to this blog to be able to share her exploits with others.

My youngest, Roo, is my 7 month old daughter. She is a go getter. She started rolling over at 2 1/2 months and has been crawling for a couple of weeks now. She knows what she wants when she wants it. Don't try to give her a binky if she wants to nurse, and don't try to have her nurse if she wants a binky. She will let you know loud and clear that that is not the way it is going to be.

My husband is a great guy. He is an accountant and the job fits him perfectly. He loves rules and order and would love to live in a perfectly clean house with perfectly behaved children. Too bad for him. He doesn't get either one. He loves to read and always has a book in his hands. He also loves guns. It is the one thing that will always get him going.

I'm a stay home mom that loves to play! If there is anything fun going on I want to be included. (Which would explain why my husband does not have his perfectly clean house.) I like to scrapbook, read, and be with my family.

Well, that's us in a nutshell. If you're still reading good for you! Hopefully there will be something exciting to tell in the future.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ok, so I'm not very good at this blog thing, but I want to get better. I feel like my first few blogs should be very monumental and say something important, then it stresses me out and I don't end up writing anything at all. So here is my post about nothing. (But at least I'm trying right?)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hi! This blog thing is new to me (obviously) but I'm excited to get started. I've been lurking on a few of my friends sights and I really enjoy them, so I decided it is time to jump in and give it a try. Wish me luck!