Monday, April 27, 2009

Free food

Ever have one of those nights out where few things go right, yet you have a great time anyway? That was our dinner Friday night. Nate and I had a very rare date night and went to Texas Roadhouse. We had a coupon and I was so looking forward to a night out.

When we got the restaurant there was a 60 to 70 minute wait, which we had been expecting. We went shopping and just talked while we waited. Finally we got to our table and they made a big deal about it being my first time. The manager came to welcome me and gave us a coupon for a free appetizer on our next visit.

We ordered our food, got our drinks and I just didn't like mine. There was nothing wrong with it I just didn't care for the flavor. So I asked our server if I could trade it for something else. No big deal. Well, a 1/2 hour goes by and no food, 40 minutes, no food. Finally our server comes by and asks us again what we ordered. We tell him and a minute later he comes back and tells us our order has been lost. The manager comes over apologizes profusely and gives us another $25.00 gift certificate for our next visit. Wow! I'll take it, since we were really enjoying having a chance to just sit and talk anyway.

Our dinner finally came and I cut into my steak that I'd ordered medium... WELL DONE! I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to say anything because they had already been so nice to us. Half the steak was fine so I ate that and enjoyed the rest of my meal. When our poor server came and asked how the meal was, I didn't say anything, but he could tell by the look on my face that something wasn't right. I showed him my steak and he was appalled! He apologized again and the next thing I know he came with our bill $0.00. I told him that definitely wasn't necessary, but he insisted as did the manager who came to our table yet again.

It was a series of misfortunate events, but they were so great about it. I definitely would recommended Texas Roadhouse and we will be going back again!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sick baby

Just for journaling purposes Roo has been sick again. It started about 5 days ago. Low fever, runny nose, raspy voice. She is on antibiotics and allergy medicine. Hope to find an answer soon...


Why do we get so wrapped up in the frustration of the moment? When if we just sat back and looked at the whole picture we would find it really isn't such a big deal after all?

I make such a HUGE deal about things that really just don't matter and I try to make my problems the center of the universe when they are really just grains of sand on a vast sea shore like everybody else's problems and no where near the center of anything.

Let's just say t-shirt orders are trying to get the best of me. When really it is a small problem in the grand scheme of the entire school play. Live and learn, live and learn.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good times

I'm in charge of the t-shirts for the school play. This wouldn't be that big of a deal if people would just turn in their order forms when they were asked to turn them in, but alas, life can't be that easy.

So instead I get to make daily or 2 or 3 time daily trips to the school to gather forms and get them turned in. On Tuesday it was a big deadline and I had to get the orders in that morning. So I'm at the school with Boo, Roo, and the 15 month old I babysit running around trying to get things done. We headed out into the pouring rain and I hustled to get all three kids in their car seats and tried to stay dry. I hopped in the van and took off. We got some lunch, went to Walmart (it's Jman's birthday and he wanted donuts) and headed back to the school to do the stage crew's orders for shirts.

When I opened the trunk to get out the stroller, no stroller to be found! "Someone stole my stroller!" was my first thought. Then I looked around the parking lot to where I had parked earlier and imagine my surprise to find it sitting in the rain full of water!!!

This means I got to take 3 little ones into the school with nothing to keep them confined. NIGHTMARE! I had to make copies and deliver them to the individual classrooms while trying to heard two babies and a 3 year old along with me. I'm sure we made quite a sight and I felt like I had a truly good work out by the time I was done.

I WANT MY MIND BACK!!! If anyone knows where I left it please let me know. I think it is divided between all my children.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sick baby

Okay, this post is for me because I use this as kind of a journal. I decided to track exactly how often Roo gets sick. Her fever today is 102 degrees runny nose and all around crankiness. Everyone sigh on my behalf (just kiddin.)