Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling Grateful

I ran (well slowly jogged) outside yesterday. It was the first time this year and if felt SOOOOOO good. There is just something about jogging in the open air that just makes me happy.

As I was jogging along I just couldn't help but think about how truly blessed I am. I have a wonderful husband that I love dearly. I used to just grimace when I'd hear people talk about how they love their husbands more now than they did when they got married, but I'm starting to understand, because I really do. He is such a good man and tries so hard to make me happy and our lives better.

Jman is so full of life! He has the lead in the school play. He is Tom in "School House Rock Jr." He has been playing basketball and had a lot of fun, his team won almost all their games this year. Soccer started again last weekend which means more hours than I care to count spent at practice, training and games. He brings me a lot of stress, but he also brings so much laughter and fun into all of our lives.

Mr. T is such a smart and sensitive soul. He gets everything you teach him the first time and when I was in his class the other day he was telling his teacher an easier way to do the math problem she was doing and he was right. (I'm not sure how much the teacher liked it.) He is also in the school play and loving it. He just played his last basketball game and scored 4 times! He touches my heart by the kind things he says and does all the time.

Boo is still so full of life I can't believe it. I've already told of her antics, but she is such a great big sister. She plays with Roo all the time and always wants to sit by her. She is in preschool and loves every minute of it. I asked her yesterday if she just wanted to stay home with me for a day and she just smiled and said she wanted to go to school.

Roo just turned two and has all the tantrums that come with the age. She was almost completely potty trained before she turned 2, but for some reason she has had a set back the last few days. She is such a sweet little thing and wants to snuggle with me every night until she falls asleep. Having her run to the stairs and yell "Mommy" when I've been gone is a truly wonderful feeling.

Everyone is healthy, and doing well. Who knows what the future will bring but, for today, life is good.


Bonnie the Boss said...

Awesome, and you so deserve it to be that way!

Me, Myself and I said...

Of course Jacob is the lead. What a ham! And ohhhhhh, we've had some fun tantrums starting up. I've been dodging flying toys all day. Great update!

Mom Bardwell said...

I'm so happy that things are going well in your life. You do have a great husband, but he also has an awesome wife. It's fun to read about the antics of your children and just know that I can totally relate--been there--done that! Thanks for posting

Kay said...

I dont know you guys, but you give me hope that someday i will have a family of my own and i will be happy like all of you. Its so inspiring for a young woman to see that marrieges and families still stay intact in this day and age. All the best and God bless