Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boo...need I say more?

When I first started this blog one of the reasons I did was to share all of the crazy antics of my Darling Boo. Well, just a week or so ago I thought to myself, "Boo has finally started out growing all of her...what shall I call it creativity?" Wrong thing to think, SERIOUSLY, wrong thing to think.

Let me see if I can describe just a few of the wonders of the last few days. First I walked into the bathroom to find both girls on the floor having a wonderful time. Surrounding them on the floor were all of their bows, headbands clips, brushes, combs etc., and all of MY picks, clips, rubber bands, combs, etc. Now this might not be too crazy but add to that two brand new boxes of tampons and a full bag of pads. All mixed together covering the entire bathroom floor. (She had to clean it up, and when I came to check on her she was going through each tampon and carefully pushing them out of their holders.)

The next day I realized she had been quiet much too long and went to see what she was up to. Let's just say green magic marker. EVERYWHERE!!! On her new kitchen, her drawers, her books, her brand new book, Roo, herself, and as I walked in she slammed shut her library book that she had colored the first half of with that marker. I about died!!! She is four and a half!!!

So she got to get her allowance and we headed to the library so she could pay for her destroyed book. I thought this would really teach her a lesson, she couldn't buy the new barbie she wanted because she had to pay for a ruined book. Well, that was my thought. The cute lady at the counter saw how old the book was, noted that it had been checked over 150 times and charged her a dollar. ONE LOUSY DOLLAR! Not only that but Boo paid her with a five dollar bill so she got four ones back. She thought she came out ahead!

We are getting new carpet this week so I've spent obviously too much time cleaning and packing things and Boo has found this a fabulous time to just make one mess after another. Her room hasn't stayed clean for more than 2 minutes at a time. Her most recent project involved a whole lot of water and a flooded bathroom. While I was packing boxes she was in the bathroom doing who knows what. I just know there was water everywhere. It leaked into the drawers, the cupboard under the counter all over the floor and even into the hall. I was so angry I finally just lost it. Everything from the last few days came screaming back and I totally lost it.

When I was putting the girls to bed last night I was talking to Boo about trying not to make any more messes. Poor little Roo was sitting there by us and said, "No more water!" while shaking her head back and forth very adamantly . I guess I might have over reacted just a little bit.

Anyway, if any friends or relatives would like to take her for the next few days, weeks, years... she's up for grabs.


Me, Myself and I said...

Oh DEAR! For such little things they sure make big messes! And what a smart girl, four IS more than ONE! That part made me chuckle.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I am coming to get her on Friday.what time is good for you? Is 10:00 too early?
The tampon thing, I can totally relate.

Lallie said...

Maybe she'll grow out of it by the time she is 5????? At least she's entertaining for the rest of us!