Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I know it has been months since I last posted. Not sure why, just found other silly things to fill my time like facebook. I've decided to try and break that addiction and move back to blogging a little more.

So today I'm sharing my stress about Thanksgiving. As you all know, I lost my mom many years ago and with that loss brought a million other losses. Having Thanksgiving dinner at her house is one of them.

So now Thanksgiving dinner is at my house. While I'm excited for the challenge and excitement of having family at my house, it stresses me right out! Two years ago we had it here, but my chef of a brother was there to help me prepare the whole event. This year he will be here, but only in time for dinner. (He has to work a graveyard shift the day before and the day after.) So the main event falls mostly on my shoulders.

I have so many things to be grateful for; my family, home, the gospel, good friends, plenty to eat, chocolate, etc..., I really don't have anything to complain about. I just miss those awesome trips of my youth to Idaho for an incredible Thanksgiving weekend. The fact that I wasn't responsible for anything and just got to enjoy it all I'm just starting to fully appreciate. It makes me incredibly grateful to everything so many people did to make it wonderful for the rest of us.

So, just wanted to start my Thanksgiving preparations by saying thank you to everyone who has helped make my life wonderful, either in the past, the present, or the future.


Julie said...

I couldn't agree more about Thanksgiving growing up - it was awesome! I am lucky that I have married into a family that has strong Thanksgiving Traditions (funny - my side not so much...)I told my mother-in-law, I hope that I never have to cook a turkey in my life! (My husband cooks the one for Christmas.) I know you'll put together a great party - and maybe make some of Grama Jane's fudge in your spare time! Good luck!

Ladybug said...

That was beautifully said! It makes me think of everything I am grateful for too! Give your whole family our best regards! I can't believe that your little J-Man is growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday when I tended him in S-field. It's been fun seeing your family. They are adorable! --Brenda W.

Brewer Bunch said...

AMEN!!! Since we have moved so far away, every Thanksgiving, I get a bit teary eyed, thinking of the countless traditions that started with you all arriving Wednesday night for stew and scones!! Like you, I have since learned to appreciate all of the WORK that goes into pulling off a great Thanksgiving (we have hosted Thanksgiving most of our 10 years of marriage... fun, but STRESSFUL!!). I so miss those trips to Grama Jane's house, and all of the fun family times together!!

Good luck on your Thanksgiving dinner - I'll be thinking of you as I'm stuffing the turkey this year :)

P.S. Good to have you back in the blogging world!

Me, Myself and I said...

Facebook is EVIL! (But I love it). So is Blogging. (Love that too!) And the internet. (Thus completes the triad of my love affair.) All or which are necessary evils, I think.

Excited for the challenge of cookiung Tday dinner? I DREAD cooking for others.

I, too, am thankful for chocolate. :D

The VIPs said...

I know I was a lot younger than everyone, but the Thanksgivings at Grama Jane's followed up by huge wrestling matches in the living room are some of my favorite memories : )

Walt and Eileen said...

And your children will someday say to you what you're saying to us of the older generation now.
Just remember: "By the inch, it's a cinch. By the yard, it's hard."
And remember to delegate, Grama Jane had us all bring something for the dinner. Just get the turkey in on time, and it cooks itself. Everything will turn out fine.
Love, Uncle Walt & Aunt Eileen - Argentina P.S. (We're glad you're okay...we missed your blogging.)

Bonnie the Boss said...

I am going to bring you a pie or two. You better let me know what flavors you want, or you will just get what I bring.
I have to do the turkey this year and I am looking forward to brineing another one. The last one was to die for!

Nate, Christi, Joshua said...

I will try to help as much as possible...I promise!!!! :)