Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pie thief

Today I had to make a pie for our Mutual activity. We made Thanksgiving dinner for the singles in our ward. I debated about making one or two pies. I decided my family would appreciate a pie so I made two. One looked beautiful, the other had some funny bubbles on it, so you know which one was for my family. Anyway, as I was talking on the phone as it was time to walk out of the house imagine my surprise to find my beautiful pie full of lovely little finger swirls through the entire thing! The lady on the phone heard my gasp and wondered what could possibly be wrong. I told her and she really felt sorry for me.

I guess it was a blessing for my children that I was on the phone when I saw it because I couldn't completely lose it, but I was so mad! Oh well, what are a few bubbles among friends right?

I wanted to take a picture, but I was all ready running late because of the phone call and I didn't have time. Just imagine beautiful spirals from the crust to the very center.


Brewer Bunch said...

haha - that's pretty good - something that my kids would definitely do! And hey... a few bubbles never hurt anyone anyway, right? (just our pride as we try to tell everyone, "but the other one was PERFECT, I promise!!")

And tell your kids they need to thank the phone call person :).

Bonnie the Boss said...

I could so see that happening at my house as well!! that just stinks! I bet I can guess who it was as well.