Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What do YOU do with the toothpaste you get from the dentist?

Boo has been looking forward to going to the dentist since we left the last time. I get asked several times a month when we are going to the dentist next. She loves it! She asks so often that I've often threatened that she won't be able to go next time if she doesn't quit asking. I've decided they just do their jobs too well. They have to start being mean or something.

Anyway, when we got home from the dentist with their fun little bag of goodies I was changing laundry and picking up when Boo came to me with bright blue hands. I just rolled my eyes and asked what it was this time. Imagine my joy when I found toothpaste all over her...
all over the counter and sink, (you can't see all of it from this picture)

all over the floor,all over Roo,
(side bar, nice scar to the fore head huh? She fell down a stair at the church and landed on her head.)on the wall, and later I found it all over my sheets as well. I love my daughter, I love my daughter.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another fun day in July!

If you are ever looking for a great way to spend a couple of hours, and you can go for free or have discounted tickets (love my Tracy Aviary pass!) I strongly recommend the Natural History Museum. There are lots of fun things to do. Like seeing the affects of flood water,
digging for dinosaur bones,
more bone digging,
checking out the great frog exhibit,
posing for fun photos, checking out the live bugs, doing puzzles, looking at dinosaurs, or a variety of other fun things. We go every summer and everyone from youngest to oldest have fun.
When we came out of the museum imagine our surprise when we found it pouring rain! It was blue skies and sunshine when we went in. Our plans to go to the zoo were quickly changed and we went to the Cole's house to watch a movie instead. We couldn't go home because we had plans to go to my brother's house in Salt Lake for the evening.
Jman's soccer coach has encouraged the boys to watch professional soccer games. Since we don't have cable Uncle Cliff recorded the championship game between U.S.A. and Brazil. We had peanuts, pizza, and soda and watched it at their house. Thanks guys! We had a great time!

Cliff and Ray decided they needed something for the girls to do when they came to their house. I think they hit the jackpot! Boo had a blast!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Willard Bay

Our cousins invited us to come and play with them at Willard Bay. They just got wave runners and they are a ton of fun. The day started out with a few rough patches, but thanks to the kindness of an old friend we still had two wave runners and lots of fun. My kids can't wait to go again.


Summer Fun.

Here are a few fun things we have done this summer.

Our very nice friend, Michelle, let us come in her back yard and pick cherries. We had a great time picking them. Roo liked watching for a while, but she got a little bored with the whole event.
Jman had to count every cherry he picked. I think he had over 350 cherries.
Mr. T wanted to be as big as his brother, so with a little help from Mom he had almost as many cherries as Jman.

Eating otter pops at Uncle Richard's house

Nate's work party is a high light of our summer. The kids love playing bingo, the bouncy toys, eating dinner and having fun.

Too cool or what?

Father's Day

We had a nice Father's day this year and one of my favorite parts was all the kids wrestling with their dad.

The boys had so much fun making this candy bar poster for their dad. We spent all week looking for candy that would make great sayings on the poster. Their favorite line was the one that said "Mom thinks you are one 'Hot Tamale"
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